Recruitment Procedure

Disha International, very soon will be introducing the on-line recruitment services, which is rapidly becoming one of the most effective tools for hiring new employees. By adopting the latest Internet technologies combined with improved work process, we continue to streamline the recruitment process for both our client and the job seekers.

We guarantee our candidates will always meet or exceed your expectations. We personally assess, evaluate, interview candidate and check references, work ethics, technical skills, employment history and reliability. We recognize the increasing competitiveness and sophistication of our clients and that their markets demand an informed service based on specific sector and functional knowledge. With our thorough screening process and in-depth knowledge of the industry, you will have a choice of a few carefully selected candidates that meet your accurate requirements.

Client Consultation
Due to our vast experience and expertise teamwork, we analyze the company’s size, structure, operations, culture and values to understand positions, role, define skill sets, knowledge, experience, qualifications, personal behavior and core competencies required of the position. We then utilize our industry knowledge to jointly assess the requirements and scope of the positions to be filled.
Strategic Search Strategy Development & Research
A Strategic search strategy is jointly developed for each assignment. We thoroughly analyze the experience and qualification criteria to develop a strategy to identify and select candidates who meets the assignment Performa. We utilize our vast experience and expertise, computerized database, client input to assist in identifying qualified candidates through our national search.
Critical Preliminary Interview
Once located, initial interviews are conducted with those individuals who best match the position criteria to evaluate the “fit” between the prospect and client. Interview questions individually tailored to meet the role's requirement by addressing behavior, professional knowledge, skill, previous work experience and personal style. Our objectivity produces effective and efficient results.
Written Reports
Following personal interviews, detailed written Candidate Reports are presented to the client for each finalist candidate. These reports detail current job responsibilities, accomplishments, business experience and personal background plus an assessment of overall position suitability.
Client Interview
Interviews are arranged between prospective candidates and the client. Privacy is maintained for both the client and prospect.
Discussion with References
We view thus references process as a primary responsibility as we have to our clients to ensure the candidates personal integrity and position compatibility.
Calibrated Offers
We could structure a compensation package consistent with the candidate's abilities and the client's needs. Our position as intermediary allows us to calibrate a fair and reasonable offer that is satisfactory to both parties.
Post Selection Services
We complete all necessary medical Examinations as per requirements through Certified Doctors, arrange endorsement of work visas and complete all the necessary formalities in respect of Govt. clearance, arrange all necessary travel and departure arrangements as per contract
Candidate Orientation Program
We arrange an orientation course for all candidates with regards to company and country of employment.
Written Candidate Criteria
A confirmation memorandum reviewing all aspects of the search engagement plus a written Position Description should be forwarded to us for our review and final approval.
Credential Certification
The credentials of selected prospects are certified including educational background and professional accomplishments. A minimum of two reference checks conducted per candidate specifically designed to address any areas of concern